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TodayIStartedTheGwbWiki.... Oops! Today I started the GWB Wiki several of you asked about a few weeks ago. This wiki is almost straight out of the box so we can work with it to find what direction you guys would like to take it. I plan to add some help pages on getting started with GeeksWithBlogs and some history of the site, but you guys can go where you want with it.
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Thanks Jeff! I'm hoping people add some of their tips and tricks they've discovered to add various "pizazz" to their blogs here at GWB.

All those little formating things that people have struggled with and figured out to change their layout, etc.

Thanks again for getting this wiki setup.

Hmm...maybe I'll add a section on Firefox quirks and workarounds for the GWB admin...

Left by George on Jul 27, 2006 11:48 AM

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