Colorado Rapids Suffering from "”Mysterious White Box Syndrome”…

As you can see from the screen-shots below, the syndrome may be fatal to their Website!


Figure 1

In Figure 1, notice the prominent white-box (which is supposed to be a menu drop-down list) covering the player in the white uniform. 


Figure 2

In Figure 2, the box is wider and over to the right, covering advertising above the calendar schedule.

How in the world did the Colorado Rapids become sick with this Mysterious White Box Syndrome?  Well, I’m glad you asked!  No, really, I am!  Can’t you hear me smiling?!

The cause of this “contracted” illness is a well known issue with IE8 (Internet Explorer 8) and the dynamic menu items of the menu control.  Viewing the source, it’s obvious that the programmers used Visual Studio.  They could have easily seen this problem during the debug cycle with IE8 installed (unless they made the “less than professional” mistake of running IE8 in compatibility mode – don’t develop in that mode).  You always need to test your code for cross-browser compatibility.

The [workaround] for this problem is a simple CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) Z-Index fix:

/* this is the [workaround] for asp:menu IE8 Dynamic menu items not showing */

And voila!  Disease cured!  I think that [workaround] is worthy of a nomination by the Nobel Committee for Medicine, don’t you?!

Do you think someone should let them know?

Now, if only I had a cure for what ails them on the soccer field!!  That would be a miracle!

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