Do the Colorado Rapids deserve your money….?

In this economy, I THINK NOT!

That is a very difficult conclusion for me to come to!  After all, I was the Rapids very First Webmaster for the first two years of their existence (for very little compensation) in 1995 thru 1997.  My late husband sold more Rapids tickets (without commission) than any of the original sales force.

But that was 14 long years ago!  They have never been a contender in the MLS and I see nothing happening to change that.

There seems to be an air of arrogance from the management on down to the playing field.  The players certainly have no justification for arrogance!  Quite frankly you can see better soccer at the Youth games.  In the days of the previous ownership and management, there was a sense of approachability.  Not now!

They are pressuring me to renew my Club Season Tickets (at $60 each/game).

But in this economy…I THINK NOT!

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