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Book Notes from 'Extreme Ownership' by Jocko Willink & Leif Babin

  • Cover and Move
  • I was so focused on our own squads dilemma, I didn’t think to coordinate with the other team, OP1, to work together.
    • This was the first rule in Jocko's Laws of Combat - Cover and Move
    • We had operated independently, failing to support or help each other.
  • It was foolishness to not work together.
    • We were all trying to accomplish the same mission
    • We should have utilized every strength and tactical advantage possible
    • The most important tactical advantage we had was working together as a team, always supporting each other.
  • I had become so immersed in the details, decision points, and immediate challenges of my own team that I forgotten about the other team, what they could do for us and how we might help them.
  • Principle
    • Cover and Move: put simply - cover and move means teamwork.
    • Mutually supporting one another for that singular purpose.
    • Departments and groups within the team must break down silos - depend on each other and understand who depends on them.
    • Often, when smaller teams within the team get so focused on their immediate tasks, they forget about what others are doing or how they depend on each other teams.
    • The focus must always be on how best to accomplish the mission.
    • When the team succeeds, everyone within and supporting the team succeeds.
  • Application to Business
    • While he was right that they were a different company, both companies fell under the leadership of the same parent company.
    • What you just called the worst part should be the best part - you are both owned by the same corporation - so you have the same mission - and that is what this is all about, the overall mission, the overall team.
    • Not just your team, but the whole team, the entire corporation - all departments within your company - you must all work together and support each other as one team.
    • The enemy is all the other competing companies in your industry that are vying for your customers.
    • You are all on the same team - you have overcome the 'us versus them' mentality and work together, mutually supporting one another.
    • The production manager must now be willing to take a step back and see how this production team's mission fit into the overall plan
    • Its about the bigger strategic mission
    • How can you help this subsidiary company do their job more effectively so they can help you accomplish your mission and you can all win.
      • Engage with them
      • Build a personal relationship with them
      • Explain to them what you need from them and why.
      • Make them part of your team, not an excuse for your team.
    • Depended on them and they depended on us - so we formed relationships with them and worked together  to accomplish the overall mission.
    • Work together to win.
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