D'Arcy from Winnipeg
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June 2014 Entries

Seriously, Screw CASL

Legislation will go into effect July 1st restricting who businesses can contact via email, or direct messaging on social media sites, to only those that “opt in”. I’m sure the politicians think this is a fantastic win for consumers and will go far to eliminate unwanted email. Of course, they’re politicians which means they live in a realm far removed from reality. Then you have the businesses themselves who are just reminded of all this a few weeks/months ago (even though, yes, this technically had ......

Are You a School Thinking of Using iPads/Tablets?

My daughter’s junior high school is wrapping up its first year with an iPad program. In this program, every junior high student in the division gets an iPad Mini. To collect feedback on the program they put out a survey asking parents what they thought. Included was a field for comments and I want to share what I wrote so schools, or parents with kids attending schools, who are thinking of adopting an iPad or other tablet/BYOD program can learn to avoid some of the pitfalls we experienced in our ......