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October 2013 Entries

Learn to Take a Punch, Learn to Counter, Keep Moving Forward

During a boxing workout a few months ago our trainer had us do something called “breadbaskets”. That’s where you hold your arms up and a partner punches you in your midsection – your breadbasket. I put my arms up, and braced for impact. The trainer came over, saw I was a bit nervous, and coached me through. I can see the fear in your eyes. Don’t be afraid to take the punch. Tighten your core, breathe through the hit. Don’t panic. Over the summer we’d do counter drills as well. This is where a partner ......

Publishing Websites From VS.NET 2013 to Azure

Scott Gu recently announced the release of the Azure SDK 2.2. This includes a tonne of new features for accessing Azure resources from within Visual Studio 2013. You can read Scott’s blog post here. One feature is integrated Windows Azure sign in from within Visual Studio. I put a short video together showing how easy it is to publish a web application to Azure Websites. You can check it out here: http://youtu.be/eiuhJbwhZsQ (I couldn’t get it to display properly by embedding, definitely needs the ......