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Dev Teach Day 4 - THE MAIN EVENT: Justice Gray on MVC

Thursday, November 29, 2007 11:12 AM

(This will be a live blogging event: I'll be updating this post throughout the discussion, so refresh often)


The Intro

Justice is lavishing the man-love on Jeffery Palermo.

Things you might be offended by in this session:

- Woman beating up men.

- A 5 condition if statement

- Rampaging masculenity

- The Mad Mexican

- Fantastic shirts

(There were a few others)

"Grab your testes, and lets go on a ride to Sexy Town"

"Django, Rails, and MonoRails is all hippy speak." Nice

So What's The Big Deal?

OMG...Justice has a picture of Adam and God (that famous painting)...but God has an MVC shirt on...and Adam looks like Justice...and luckily is censored.

Steven Rockarts: A Cry For Help

Justice is now talking about how Steven, because of the way his fiancee beats him, has dropped into a horrible state of drug addiction. This pattern actually mimics the MVC pattern very well (LOL).

Issues with Current WebForms

URL Rewriting sucks
State management sucks
Trying to do testing sucks

Good things from MVC

No Postbacks
Interface based
Testing is first class (Justice showed a test to see if any results for a dating app returned a type of 'slutty')
URL Restructuring
DLR (Dynamic Language Support)

Other functionality like config, security, etc. are still there. Guthrie made the comment that if you like HTML you'll like MVC. If not you "may never be intimately touched by another human being" OMG...classic Justice. He also dropped the "Sexual Pariah" comment, which he's been challenged to use in *every* presentation he does.


Justice is going over the structure of MVC applications...oh no...and Rockarts is once again the target...

He has a method called "Putting SteveInDetoxShouldGetRidofMeth()"...nice...

He has another one "GivingSteveAHugGetsRidOfHisBlackEye()"...Donald hugging him is mentioned....

So he's showing how in the controller, based on the status of Steve, he's showing a particular view (using a RenderView method)

Interlude: A story of true friendship (Donald Belcham)

What a great friend...he wrote an application to help Donald find love! Mad Mexican and Scott Bellware are on the top of the list...nice!

Post - Change of data
Get  - Returns only immutable data

"Scott, I don't think you're slutty...I just needed an example for this URL." ~ Justice

"I'm doing an exercise in mental masturbation" ~ Justice, while talking about Donald Belcham

You aren't locked in with MVC like you are with Webforms; because now everything is based on interfaces, you have greater control to extend out your own applications beyond what's shipped with the MVC framework.

CSS~Javascript~HTML - What the Web is Built On
If you're a web developer, you should understand these.

In Conclusion

Man...he went off on a very well spoken rant, and one that should be heard...on Soapbox...posted later on tonight... ;)



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