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Dev Teach Day 1 - UG Summit

Monday, November 26, 2007 6:52 AM

UG summit is going strong, and we're approaching our get-together with the MVP's for a conversation on how we can work together and ...well, I'm actually not sure yet what we're talking about, but it should be good.

Morning session was great though...the UG leaders had great discussion around extending the life of user group events via live meeting, web casts, etc., and also how we can impact our industry to encourage others to becoming IT professionals (targeting college, high school, as well as engaging with our existing industry colleagues).

I love how Vancouver people can't hack the cold. It's maybe a few degrees above 0 C, and everyone is bundled up in parkas, toques...I walked to the Microsoft offices in a short sleeve shirt and carrying my jacket because i was getting too hot.

More to come...



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