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The Big Game Today Happens In Toronto

Saturday, November 24, 2007 11:44 PM

For all my American friends, today is a glorious football day indeed! For today the Canadian Football League crowns its champion in the Grey Cup match between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers: two teams that have had a bitter rivalry for decades!

Now my American friends may be wondering "Why should we care about Canadian football? Don't they have weird rules like only three downs, a bigger field, don't allow fair catches, and give single-points for touchbacks?" Yes, all those are true...but here's the bigger reason: you need us.

That's right, the NFL needs the CFL. Think of us as your true farm league as opposed to that horrible idea NFL Europe was. The CFL has nurtured and produced a number of high-calibre players that have returned to the NFL to rise to greatness. Examples?

When Joseph Addai went down, Kenton Keith stepped in...Keith, who spent a number of years as the feature back with Saskatchewan.

Jeff Garcia, love him or hate him, has had success in the NFL since leaving Calgary after winning championships there.

Warren Moon...nuff said.

Doug Flutie, who was too small to play NFL ball, came up to Canada and lit it up...becoming arguably the most recognized player of his time.

What's-His-Name-Ryan who punts for Green Bay...used to be a Bomber.

And there are many others, but I need to catch a plane so I'm wrapping this up.

If you get a chance today, buy a two-four of Molson Canadian, put on your toque, fry up the back bacon, and try and get Grey Cup on your satellite feed and enjoy what will be a classic.

Go Riders!*


*Note: Just because I live in Winnipeg doesn't mean I cheer for Winnipeg ;)


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