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Car Shopping Update: We Have A Winner!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007 6:28 PM

Picture it: Saturday we go out for a final test drive with the Toyota Rav4. We're pretty sure that this is going to be the vehicle for us...but only if we get a good deal. We really didn't want to do the whole walk away, come back, walk away, take a week to solidify the deal, etc. thing...so we were hopeful that we could swing a deal that day.

I had all my information set up and all my arguments ready for why they should give it to us for $1500 off sticker...that was our happy place as far as price point and we figured, with the help of Car Cost Canada, that we could justify the reduction.

So we get to the dealership, and we take the last 07 model that they have on the lot for a spin (happens to be a Sport model with the sunroof package, exactly what we were looking for). My wife loved the vehicle, and the salesman mentioned that they had just reduced all the 07 models even more to clear them out. So we headed back to the dealership to talk price.

Before I could even start to explain my thoughts for why we deserved a huge discount, our sales guy informed us that the discount was $2000 off of sticker, and with the extra promotion Toyota was offering it came to $3000 off of sticker price.

So we got the vehicle we wanted, for way better than the price we were willing to pay, and we were in/out in approx 3 hours total time...maybe even less.

Great shopping experience, and I can't recommend Tony and the gang at Woodhaven Toyota in Winnipeg highly enough. Very low stress, non-hard sell environment.




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Red River Cart manufactures the province over are shedding a tear and preparing bankruptcy papers because of you! I hope you're happy about that!! 11/22/2007 4:04 PM | Donald Belcham

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