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PowerShell and SSIS
Up until now, most of my use of PowerShell has been against SSAS, but I recently had a need to setup a number of SSIS packages for some relatively large CSV files. My problem was that the CSV files had about 125 columns and 120 of them (10 years of monthly figures) need to be inserted into Numeric(18,5) columns in SQL Server. However the connection manager auto-detected these columns on my flat file connection manager as DT_FLOAT. Changing these columns to DT_NUMERIC and setting the scale to 5 quickly ......

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Key Value Pairs in Database design
There was an interesting thread on the SQLDownUnder mailing list last week about the use of Key Value Pairs in database design. One of the Guru's on the list Jeremy Huppatz made a few posts which covered off pretty much all the issues I was thinking about. One of the key points that Jeremy made was this one: Remember that relational databases are designed with 3 key goals - reliable data entry, stable consistent storage and rapid retrieval. By using KVP's you throw the rapid retrieval capability ......

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Resources for Exam 70-441: Designing Database Solutions by Using Microsoft SQL Server 2005
This page is a work in progress, I am using it as a repository to store resources as I come across them. Preparation Guide for Exam 70-441 (lists all the skills being tested)http://www.microsoft... Skills AssessmentIntroducing Microsoft SQL Server 2005 for Database Developers BooksIntroducing Microsoft SQL Server 2005 for Classroom TrainingCourse 2734: Updating Your Database Development Skills to SQL Server 2005 Free* Microsoft E-LearningThe following e-learning ......

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