January 2006 Entries

SQL Server Report Builder articles
[via Bob Meyers] Bob Meyers has put out a couple of really interesting posts on the Report Builder feature of Reporting Services recently which are well worth reading Report Builder launch Parameters Grokking Report Builder Queries: This is NOT your mother's SQL! Report model denormalization: Why, How, and When Report Builder and the models that it users are a new feature to Reporting Services 2005 and these articles are well worth the read. The second one in particular was quite enlightening. Supposedly ......

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Linked Servers and Stand alone Analysis Services 2000 Servers
I had an interesting experience this afternoon which I thought I would share in the hopes that it may save someone else the pain I went through. Today I moved a production Analysis Services server off a machine which was running both SQL Server and Analysis Services onto it's own machine for one of my clients. The repository was in SQL Server, so after installing AS we simply copied the data files off the old server, changed the repository connection string and we had our new server up and running ......

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ascmd tool beta
[via Chris Webb] I've just noticed Dave Wickert's post on the following thread on the Analysis Services MSDN forum, and thought I'd flag it up: http://forums.microsoft.com... If you've ever wanted to be able to execute MDX or XMLA from the command line then you might want to sign up to be a beta tester for the tool he's co-developing. Here's a summary from the original post: With it you can execute either an XMLA script or an MDX query. Input and output can ......

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OT: Death by PC

[via Business Intelligence Pipeline Blog]

And you thought your PC was your friend :)

This interesting article lists the various was in which our electronic friends can cause us harm.

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SQL 2005 - BOL Feedback
Chris Webb and a couple of other people mentioned in the last couple of months that if you see an error in a Microsoft help file, not to whine about it, but to click on the feedback link and let them know about the issue. I spotted a small error (back in November last year) where count measures in Analysis Services 2005 were listed as being semi-additive, when in fact they are additive. So I decided to give it a go and sent some feedback in. Well, I received feedback from a Programming Writer at ......

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SQL Server 2005 OPENQUERY bug with linked Analysis Services server
It appears that there is a bug in the RTM release of SQL Server when dealing with a linked server to an Analysis Services server. When you issue a query that has a “WITH MEMBER“ or “WITH SET“ clause like the following simple query: USE master GO /* Add new linked server */EXEC sp_addlinkedserver @server='LINKED_OLAP', -- local SQL name given to the linked server@srvproduct='', -- not used @provider='MSOLAP.3', -- OLE DB provider (the .2 means the SQL2K version) @datasrc='localhost', ......

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Melbourne Australia - Microsoft Special Interest Groups (SIG)
I was asked by a client recently what Microsoft SIG groups are available in our area (Melbourne, Australia). Up until a couple of years ago, Microsoft used to coordinate the SIGs and they would send out a regular email newsletter listing the upcoming events for all the SIGs. All the groups are now run by community members so there is no central email. However, if you register with them, most groups send out notifications of up coming events. The following is a list of all the local SIGs that I am ......

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New Articles from Mosha
[via Mosha Pasumansky] Mosha has recently released a couple of excellent posts on hist blog: Inside OLAP Engine: Cache Prefetching This is an extract from a whitepaper that Mosha is working on and he is asking for feedback on the technical level of the content. I thought it was great, I can't wait for the whole whitepaper to come out. Default members, MDX Scripts, Security, KPIs and Perspectives Another great post which gives some great insight on why some things work the way they do. It is knowing ......

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