Gotcha Got with AzureReader2 and ImageResizer

After my previous post on getting AzureReader2 up and running with ImageResizer – I ran into a problem – I had a page with a foreach on it, where I had a link to each fullsize image. It was all working fine, except for a couple which just wouldn’t work.

<a href="/cloud/blah-1/example.jpg"><img src="/cloud/blah-1/example.jpg?maxwidth=70&amp;maxheight=80" /></a>
<a href="/cloud/blah-2/hello%20world.jpg"><img src="/cloud/blah-2/Hello%20World.jpg?maxwidth=70&amp;maxheight=80" /></a>

Ending up with something like the above…

Notice the ‘hello world’ link is in lower case, FOR SOME REASON.

So the image shows on the page, but when you click on it, you get a 404 error – no image can be found. It’s the case, it needs to match the case in the Azure Blob…



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