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I am using paytm from long time. I have good and bad both experience on paytm. Even the machine I used to write this post I bought on paytm few years ago.

Today when I wake up I see a message in my phone that my account is blocked due to suspicious activity. I raise a ticket to paytm in morning and till now I received no message from them through phone or reply on ticket.

Maybe today is Sunday and paytm will take time to respond. Till then I learn a lesson that never put money in paytm wallet. Like Bank they are not going to help and there is nobody to call etc. If fraud happen on bank you can call bank but when it's happen with Paytm, All helpline are automated and you can calls to only bots.

Update 7 September 2020.

They contact me through mail and I sent them Aadhaar, PAN and bank statement in which I used for adding money to my paytm wallet.

I tell them to provide me the ip (if someone tried to hack into my account). the details of fraud that is happen to my account. Now they answer me with the copy paste mail like this.

If this fraud can happen to me. It can happen to anyone. Nobody can log in without OTP and I have my phone with myself all day. If you are using Paytm, Be careful. Someone can get into same situation I am in.


I tried to sent a mail and find that they have block the email as well.

Still waiting for getting my account unblocked. 3 days are gone and nobody from paytm contact me.

In past few days I raise the cyber crime report, pgportal report. consumer right forum. I got message from consumer forum that this is not fraud case, nobody cheat you, you must not create a ticket on consumer forum. They suggest me to mail on paytm on specific email. I mail them.

on Saturday they unblock my account. I still believe paytm itself is involved in some kind of bad thing. For example they are serving paytmgameapp from their own website instead of play store, why?, I can understand they want to do something Phishing  which is not allowed by play store.

Paytm loose my trust. I am not interested in digital India kind of payment anymore. The cash money work, work fine for me (Even in corona situation).

Paytm is not a good brand. Their customer service is totally f**** up. Their are many brand who do great work. When a company get more customer than they deserve, these kind of things happen.

Happy to say, Paytm is not only one option, There are some other company as well. Forget all of them, cash is still working. No need to use something terrible.


They block my account again. Now I am sure there are some people in paytm playing games and block people's account for no reason. Either their system is stupid or they are playing game.  My Paytm is blocked now. I have raised message. Let's see how they reply.

UPDATE 17 September

On Middle of 16th September my account is unblocked. If you come from Twitter here & similar problem is something you are facing. Don't depend on Paytm at all.
Raise a cyber crime, pgportal and consumer forum issue. They don't care until you point paytm's competitor, some happy or half happy customer or get more people involved in your tweets. Shamelessly paytm don't care about customer until you start some drama. I record video (of whatever they replied) and share all over the internet (Twitter, FB, Whatsapp). That's how it help me to get it fixed faster. I can see that some people have account blocked from month(s). You should also share your problem to everyone on social site(s). Raise the issue as I did. Start sharing your issue and it will help you get it fixed!.

#Paytmmatkaro (don't use paytm, opposite of #paytmkaro)
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