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This battle continues and isn't that clear who is winning although the smart money is on Blu-ray....

So the US figures:


HD : 300,000 but that is 150,000 dedicated players and 150,000 other half are Xbox add ons.

Blu-ray: 1,500,000 but only 100,000 are dedicated players and the rest based on the sale of the PS3.

So it appears a win for Blu-ray....but then again all HD sales were a deliberate purchase of a HD player not just because it came with the cames console....

So result not clear.

Top-selling title

Blu-ray: Casino Royale - 86,300

HD: Batman Returns - 53,500

So a win for Blu-ray


Most are with Blu-ray

Stores in US

Top 2 stores in US now only sell Blu-ray


Blockbusters now only to stock Blu-ray


So its clear that Blu-ray is the only way forward.

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# re: HD v Blu-ray
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It definitely seems like BR is winning, if not the winner.

Which seems a shame - I don't have any real preference, but as someone who enjoys the idea of technical progress it does seem like HD-DVD is more technically advanced than BR:

Obviously written by a MS guy, but seems reasonably pragmatic.

It would be a shame if our next evolution in media isn't as technically advanced as it could be.
Left by substrate9 on Jul 30, 2007 4:19 AM

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