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HOW TO: Add Copied Projects Back Into TFS

Here’s a recent post I made to the MSDN Forums and the reply which quickly fixed my problem.  I’m posting it here, because I didn’t find it anywhere else on the web.


I'm in the process of migrating projects from one solution to another.

I've created the new solution, and copied the project files from their current disk location (a subdir of the old solution's folder) to their new disk location (a subdir under the new solution's folder).

I then tried to add the application to TFS.  The application was added, as well as any solution items, but the projects were not.  When I view the projects under the "Change Source Control" dialog in visual studio, the binding shows as "Invalid"  I've tried to unbind and rebind the projects, but they remain "invalid" and VS/TFS refuses to put them under source control

How can I add these migrated projects to their new location in TFS.    When the migration is complete, I'll prune the projects out of the old solution, and remove them from TFS.


And the response from MFST

You can try following steps

1 Unbind the project in  "Change Source Control" dialog

2 Right the project and click Add the Project to source Control in solution explorer

Worked like a charm!

Thanks MFST!

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# re: HOW TO: Add Copied Projects Back Into TFS

Step 1a. Refresh Solution Explorer to update source control status
5/16/2013 11:48 AM | Johnson Programming
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