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“Couldn’t update to Windows Technical Preview”

Had a look at my Win10 virtual machine just now and saw the following:

Couldn't update

Wasn’t quite what I was expecting. The VM was installed with the Windows Technical Preview so I was not sure what previous version of Windows they were going to restore with.

I went to Windows Update and all that had was a Definition Update for Windows Defender.

Event Viewer next and noticed:

Win10 update 1

Win10 update 2

Win10 update 3

and the next day the same again but ending with a slightly different error code:

Win10 update 4

So that makes some sense – I have Build 9841 of Windows Technical Preview installed so 9860 must be a significant enough update.

Now the error codes are different - 0x80070520 and 0x80070652 – and inconsistency is never a good sign for troubleshooting.

  • 0x80070520 – “A specified logon session does not exist. It may already have been terminated.”

Neither of these are directly helpful but there are a lot of hits on an Internet search for lack of disk space causing 0x80070652 during updates. There needs to be enough space for the download itself plus more for the actual installation and rollback. My poor VM has a 20 GB virtual drive, of which only 6 GB is free. This doesn’t look good.

The error on the first screen – 0x8007000E – is the notorious “Out of memory or system resources” which could mean there’s instead a lack of memory rather than disk space. Memory is much easier to add – hey, wait… Dynamic Memory? Nobody told me about this.

Now my 512 MB RAM VM can use up to 1 GB:


(I also unsynched DropBox which freed up 1GB of disk space – always best to change two things at once so you have no idea what worked).



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