BizTalk: Ports: Odds: Service Window


BizTalk: Ports: Odds: Service Window

There are some odds in setting up the Service Window for ports:

  1. 1. Receive locations have the whole set of parameters: "Start Date", "Stop Date", "Enable the Service Window", "Start Time", "Stop Time".
    Send ports have only "Enable the Service Window", "Start Time", "Stop Time" and don't have "Start Date", "Stop Date".
    My idea is because the Send ports should always clean up the message box. It's quite unlikely to get the situation when the BizTalk receives the messages but could not send them because the Service Window on the Send ports are disabled. It's the way to overload the system.
    In another words: "It is possible to disable the send ports several hours, but not several days". It's only my assumption.
  2. 2. When we create a Binding file by the BizTalk Deployment Wizard, parameters of the Service Window are saved in the file for Send ports but not for the Receive ports (locations).
    My idea is because these parameters an operator can change in the production environment with the BizTalk Administration Console. And have to set them only with the BizTalk Administration Console.

If you have any ideas about subj, please, give a feedback


Leonid Ganeline

BizTalk Developer


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