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If you know of a better place to take-out of the Deep River at US1, I’d appreciate a note here.  :) Yesterday, my buddy Blake and I went out on a kayak adventure on the Deep River.  “Kayak”, because we took kayaks with us.  “Adventure” because it was very loosely planned and we figured if we ran into any trouble we’d just figure it out and deal with it.  Turned out we did run into some trouble and we did deal with it!  It was a ton of fun! iPhone 007 We knew there was a take-out spot somewhere near the US1 bridge over the Deep River in Chatham County, and we knew there was a put-in spot somewhere near the 15-501 bridge (roughly 7 miles up river).  Unfortunately we couldn’t find an obvious take-out spot…there was one place, but it was below a spillway, and neither of us thought it would be fun to kayak over the spillway.  :)  We ended up driving around searching, but never found a place.  Finally we just decided we’d take-out before the spillway and drag the kayaks out the rest of the way (adventure #1).  Problem was…we’d spend so much time searching that now it was late enough in the day to worry about darkness.  We decided that we could make our way through the woods down the river in the dark with a mini-maglight that Blake had in his car (adventure #2).  :)

With a plan in mind, we put in and headed down the river.  This section of the Deep River is wide, shallow (hah), slow, and rocky.  The river was beautiful, we saw ducks, cool birds, and a river otter that barely escaped our cameras.  It was a slow and steady paddle, with a few minor fast parts that were unfortunately slowed by running into underwater rocks we couldn’t see.

Thankfully we got through one really slow-going rocky part just before dark.  Because it would have taken us forever to get through there in the complete dark.  Whew. 

Now its complete dark.  We got to the spillway and couldn’t find a place to get out, but we’d met a stranger along the way who mentioned that he thought there was a way to paddle around the spillway.  We poked around and saw something, but by this point it was so dark we couldn’t really tell what anything was.  The mini-maglight was no good from more than a few feet away.  Then we saw someone elses flashlight beam ahead – it was the stranger.  They’d found a place to take-out off to the side, but couldn’t paddle around the spillway, unfortunately.

The stranger dragged his kayak out through the woods to a nearby road where he was to be picked up.  We decided to walk around the spillway area and get back in the water somehow.  We may or may not have gotten into some sort of canal that ran alongside the river.  I don’t think we were supposed to be in it, but our options were limited.  We made it down to the US1 bridge, but now we needed to cross the river in order to get out!  In the dark, we managed to somehow climb out of our kayaks onto the steep bank of the canal, walk through the grass and woods to the river, and drop back into the river.  Visibility was about 6 or 7 feet I’d say, which made for a very interesting and spooky paddle adventure.   I said I felt like a native American on a night-time war raid, and he said he felt like a marine.  We decided we were native American marines, or something like that.

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